When you shop at Wow Art Paintings our shipping price is included in the painting’s price. This means you won’t have any surprises when you cash out. We use DHL or Fedex for shipping. If your painting is stretched on a wooden bar, we will surcharge the amount the shipping company calculates.

How are the paintings shipped to me?

Wow Art Paintings wants to ensure your painting stays safe and secure therefore we use only the most reliable carriers out there such as Fedex and DHL. If the painting is not streched on a frame we will ship it in a hard plastic tube so it stays safe and protected. If it ios stretched we will pack it accordenly in a carton box.

If you are having more than one item shipped, they will be packaged separately, so no risk of damaging any of the paintings. You will not be charged an extra shipping fee for this. 

Keep in mind we coat our paintings with a special varnish that helps to protect it, as well we cover them with a protective film and sheet.

What happens if my painting is damaged during shipping?

Although we always try our best to ensure the safety of your painting from time to time damage can occur. If this is the case you can simply refuse delivery of the package and then  contact us. Once we get the painting back, we can claim the insurance funds. At that point we will ship you out a replacement for free of course.

How much is shipping?

The majority of orders carry with them free shipping, to any location in the world. However if you have a bulk order, specific shipping details, or you’re a wholesale customer, please contact us for a quote.

What about taxes and customs?

You will be responsible for any local taxes and customs on your shipment order.