Range, Depth, and Color
When it comes to range, depth and color in oil paint paintings, these factors can either make or break a painting. Because we use oil paint, you’ll be getting the best of all worlds. The colors appear vibrant and rich and can be layered for depth. Because oil paint takes longer to dry than other types of paints, it gives the artists more of a chance to mix colors, blend colors, and just create a real sense of beauty.


As mentioned above, oil paint takes longer to dry so this gives the artists a chance to experiment more, try out different techniques, blend more, and even make changes before the paint has dried. This gives the artist more creative freedom and versatility.


What’s great about oil paint is that when it dries its color doesn’t change. This means as the artist is painting and creating they will be able to envision the end result.

A Large Selection of Effects and Finishes

Oil paint is incredibly versatile allowing you to create a transparent or opaque effect. You can alter the finish to creating a gloss finish, a matte finish, or perhaps something in between. 

Varied Applications of Oil Paint
Again it goes back to the versatility of oil paint. Oil paint can be applied in such a large amount of ways that you can get really creative and unique. It can be used as thick impastos or thin glazes, or anything else the artist desires.